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In a game, the score is determined, not by impersonal scientific meas­urement, but by the strength, skill and creativity of the players.

The rules of play are not laws of nature, but arbitrarily agreed by the players, and sometimes changed during play.

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until the night when his best friends try to kill him.

Tangled in a web of lies, lust and deceit, Nate is finally forced to confront the past he tried so desperately to escape. I watched as she wiped the beginnings of small tears from falling from her eyes. For a brief moment, happiness had seemed possible for me. “Are you still with that girl you were with in college? I shrugged, feeling ashamed I didn’t have more to show for the four years I had spent at college. You’re more than welcome…” I laughed cutting her off. “It was fucked up what you did that night,” she continued knowing exactly what I was talking about. Faye’s work also appears in the horror anthology, Anything But Zombies!

Those who think that science has proved the earth is billions of years old should find this book disturbing.

Lewis clearly shows that the quest for the age of the earth is not objective science but a subjective, arbitrary and erratic pursuit. Some reviewers must have urged her to use a different title, but what could be more fitting than My dictionary defines ‘game’ as ‘a contest for amusement in the form of a trial of chance, skill or endurance according to a set of rules’.

Amazon: Excerpt from Boyfriend: I welcomed the feel of the cold air on every inch of my exposed skin as I stood outside of my building in South Jamaica smoking a cigarette. I ran my hand across my forehead, once again feeling consumed with guilt for all the ways I kept fucking it up. Considering it was the reason I had abandoned her, the least I could do was have more to show for it. “I’m not letting you go there, Natalie.” Not only was I not going to burden Natalie with my failures, I knew I wasn’t worthy of her help. You can also find Faye’s work on For Harriet, Black and Married with Kids, Madame Noire, Rachel in the OC, Black Girl Nerds, Graveyard Shift Sisters, and on her blog,

I leaned up against the dirty brick and looked out onto the project courtyard watching as two boys played basketball on the faded court adjacent to the back entrance to our building. I flicked away the embers of my cigarette and took another long drag. Not even them.” “It’s cool,” I began, taking another slow drag of my cigarette. But, as far as I was concerned, there was no current solution. Faye is a native New Yorker and current resident of the Washington, DC metropolitan area where she resides with her husband and two sons.

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With his fellow students turning into flesh-eating zombies, how can he stop them... "by Kody Keplinger"Seventeen-year-old Bianca Piper starts sleeping with Wesley Rush, a notorious womanizer who disgusts her, in order to distract her from her personal problems, and to her surprise, the two of them find they have a lot in common and are able to help each other find more productive ways to deal with their difficulties."by Justine Larbalestier"Micah freely admits that she's a compulsive liar.

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