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The speed, the intensity and the strength of the players, I’m working on knowing where my teammates are and keeping from making mistakes.”The two players reflected on early hockey memories.“Our father (Craig Carter) coached us more than anyone over the years,” Gavynn said.“During games, he even had videos taken, to go over with us to show us what we had to work on.Unlike the PB, hydraulic brakes were fitted with 9-inch (230 mm) drums.Like the PB, most were two-seat open cars with a steel body on an ash frame.It was an evolution of the previous car and was 3 inches (76 mm) wider in its track at 45 inches (1,100 mm) and 7 inches (180 mm) longer in its wheelbase at 94 inches (2,400 mm).The previous advanced overhead-cam inline-four engine was now not in use by any other production car so it was replaced by the MPJG OHV unit from the Wolseley 10 but with twin SU carburettors, modified camshaft and manifolding.

Most of the competitive classes run speeds near 45 miles per hour. - Quarter is dedicated to the sport of Quarter Midget Racing, the Kids, Parents, Grand Parents, Sponsors, and Businesses of the Sport.If you are new to the sport check out where there may be a club near you.Current upper class quarter midgets can exceed 45 miles per hour, but remain safe due to the limited size of the track.Quarter Midgets have been around in one form or another since before World War II, There are two sanctioning bodies for Quarter Midgets, United States Auto Club (USAC) and Quarter Midgets of America (QMA).

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