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He said the whole incident had a hugely negative impact on his daughter.

Auguste explained how excited his daughter was excited to start her first job, how she had “dressed up” and was happy.

The cityargued that health regulations require people to wear clean bathing attire in the pool.

But Williamson concluded that rule doesn't necessarily mean people can't go into the pool naked.

From there they went to the police station, “hoping to speak to a supervisor and open a complaint.” Auguste said police attempted to question the girl, telling him he didn’t need to be there.

“The officer told her, ‘Don’t worry, I’m not going to charge you with anything,'” he said. I’ve done nothing.'” At that point, Auguste said, he was offered the explanation that officers had been looking for someone who matched the exact description of his daughter.

Auguste said the situation was made more stressful by the fact that neither he, his daughter or his wife had ever had any interaction with police before. In the wake of the incident, he and his wife took their daughter to get checked at the hospital, “because her hand was bruised and swollen.” Auguste has now launched a formal complaint against the Surrey detachment for their handling of the incident.The road that leads to the beach is one narrow lane off the Sea-to-Sky Highway, which is why parking isn't allowed on either side.But visitors will sometimes park there anyway, or even help themselves to locals' driveways. At that point, said Auguste, they realized they had the wrong person, and let her go. ’ or ‘Give me your ID.’ They just assumed they got the person they were looking for and took her down.” As the video shows, his daughter screamed and cried in the street, with the two officers restraining her, until she finally convinced them to look at her ID in her bag.

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