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I ran a small hot script that would post ID number to the URL and checked relevant returned html text for match.Recently (probably because elections are passed) the site stopped supplying names, but only confimed whether registered or not... Did you know: The current SA ID Number algorithm was created by my uncle Pieter den Boer (ex Q-Data, Brainware...) while working at IBM in the 1980's.Substring(2 * i 1, 1)) Next b *= 2 Dim c As Integer = 0 Do c = b Mod 10 b = Int(b / 10) Loop Until b Does anybody know of a readily accessible portal at which a ID number can be checked against a known identity (without having to subscribe to ITC).The worked fine for me in order to confirm identity, as you could enter a valid ID and it would return First names and Surname along with voting district.

Compiled schemas generate a single logical schema, a "set" of schemas.A Validation Event Handler is added to the Xml Reader Settings object to handle any Warning or Error events raised by errors found during the validation process of both the XML document and the schema. Describes the Xml Schema Set, a cache where XML Schema definition language (XSD) schemas can be stored and validated.An individual schema or a set of schemas (as an Xml Schema Set) can be added to an Xml Schema Set by passing either one as a parameter to the Add method of Xml Schema Set. Note that when validating a document the target namespace of the document must match the target namespace of the schema in the schema set. In the code example that follows, the schema above is added to the Xml Schema Set Schemas property of the Xml Reader Settings object.

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Load(feed Url) returns "Data at the root level is invalid.

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